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Magento Order backend comment box extension with html support

Magento Order backend comment box extension with html support

What does it do:

The extension enables you to predefine messages that you can use for the order's comment history box. If you have general messages that you send to your customers from the backend then you can use this extension to do
just that.

In System > ABCnet.ch extensions > Comment box you can access the list of messages or add new ones. Messages are added using the WYSIWYG editor.

Then you can go and open an order in the backend, and in the "Comments history" section, you can see a new dropdown which enables you to select the messages you defined. After you choose a message, it's added automatically with Ajax, no page refresh necessary.

You can then further customize your message if you want. Also, please note that by default, in Magento, these messages (if you choose to notify the client by mail) are sent as plaintext. This extension enables you to send them as HTML.

Installation instructions:

Copy the app folder to your Magento app folder

The extension has only been tested on Magento and but I assume it should also work for inbetween versions.

If you use a custom adminhtml theme, then you can just place the design/adminhtml files in your custom theme folder. By default, the template files are copied in adminhtml/default/default

Version 0.1.0 is available for download below.